Willkommen in Aschau bei Kirchberg in Tirol


Summer in the Kitzbühel Alps!

Hiking area Kitzbühel - Kirchberg:

The mountains are calling ...


Kitzbühel and the surrounding area offer a lot of excursion destinations,

tours and spectacular views. Enjoy the beautiful nature and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Numerous hiking trails

invite you to a very special experience.


With the summer cabins you get op to over 2000 meters. Once at the top,

a summer full of mountain adventures opened. The hiking is varied, ranging

from easy valley hikes untill hikes to lonely mountain peaks.


For mountain bikers, there are unlimited downhill fun at the

Gaisberg Mountain and on the Fleckalm:


True to the motto UPHILL by cabin - DOWNHILL by bike -

the Kitzbühel Area is the perfect place

The most beautiful pictures of the Kitzbühel Alps

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